Friday, June 15, 2012

The Day of Surgery

{JaNece Editor}  Mindy came this week from Alaska and has been helping our Dad feel better.  Jack had an appointment with Dr. Hill, a surgeon and he felt confident that he could do this surgery and fix the problem that was causing an infection.  After talking with Dr. Hill, Jack has decided to have a lapriscopic surgery to fix the leak in his colon in hopes that this infection will go away and Jack can regain some strength.  So today was the scheduled day of surgery.  He checked in at 8 and by 10 the surgeon came in the room saying, "GOOD NEWS!  No surgery.  After further labs and scans there is nothing to fix!  There is no leak in the colon and therefore he doesn't need the surgery."  We all sat there a little bit flabbergasted!  What great news!  He was on some pain pills that make him nauseous, and that is the battle we are currently fighting. Nothing tastes good and nothing stays down.  So our prayers are for his appetite to return.  We have witnessed yet another miracle.  We are so grateful!!!

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  1. That is SO wonderful! Reminds me of when my mom went in for surgery to remove the tumor on her pancreas (last year) and the Dr came out confused saying there was no tumor! Truly a miracle JaNece! We pray for your dad and your family often.